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Welcome to Bruin Entrepreneurs!

Thank you for joining us at EAF. We are excited to welcome you to our community.

Bruin Entrepreneurs is the premier entrepreneurship organization at the University of California, Los Angeles. Founded in 2013, BE’s core mission is to facilitate entrepreneurship among undergraduates by providing resources, networking, and guidance.

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Fall 2023 Recruitment.

BE the Next Big Leader

Since 2013, Bruin Entrepreneurs has successfully grown a community of students around the world, rising ventures, and professionals across industries passionate about new ideas and solutions to the growing changes our society challenges us to adapt to. Our successes in growing this network and our ability to fuel startups and young entrepreneurs to be successful comes from the commitments of our staff and leadership. 

Throughout the UCLA Academic Year, Bruin Entrepreneurs holds two cycles to recruit talent from the undergraduate student community. At Bruin Entrepreneurs, you’ll have the opportunity to enhance and launch your entrepreneurial experience as you work with other passionate students and clients. 

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If you have any questions regarding recruitment, reach out to talent@bruinentrepreneurs.org.

Enormous Activities Fair (EAF)

Visit our booth during Enormous Activities Fair (EAF) to meet our team, learn about our organization and open opportunities, and introduce yourselves!

Applications Open

Applications for our open positions will be open for submissions on our website on the Recruitment page. Applicants may apply for any and all open positions they are interested in.

Information & Networking Session

Join our information and networking session to learn about Bruin Entrepreneurs and the recruitment process. Network with our team and get a chance to ask questions and gain insight to the work we do, our culture, and how you can advance your educational and professional goals.

Applications Close

Applications for our open positions will be closed for submissions. Applicants will hear back via email with a status update. 

First Round Interviews: Group Activity & Coffee Chats (Invite Only)

Applicants who have been selected for First Round Interviews will be notified to join the Group Activity and Coffee Chats round. This is an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their ability to work with others and how they can integrate their strengths and weaknesses into a professional setting, while uplifting the tight-knight culture the organization is foundational on. 

Final Round Interviews: Meet the Directors (Invite Only)

Applicants selected from the First Round Interviews for the position(s) they were deemed a good fit for will meet with their potential director(s) for a Final Round Interview. This is the opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their strength and willingness to learn, grow, and contribute in our environment. 

Upcoming: Tech Spotlight

In Partnership with UCLA Residential Life Learning Centers

We are excited to partner again with UCLA Residential Life where we promote team projects at different stages of development and production. Learn more in our promotional flier and keep up-to-date with us for more updates!