Strategic Engagement

Move the world forward.

We are excited to launch our new subsidiary, Bruin Entrepreneurs Strategic Engagement (Bruin Entrepreneurs Strategy, for short), providing strategic services to early-stage projects and existing startups, supporting the development of innovation and productive dialoge in moving the world forward. Bruin Entrepreneurs Strategy is projected to launch in Spring 2024. 

Our Services for Early Stage Projects and Existing Startups

We plan to provide personalized services catered towards your industry and service needs, staffing a strong engagement team that meets beyond expectations, all while maintaining ethical independence. Clients will have access to collaborate with experienced undergraduate students with passion, insight, and excitement. All client-based engagement teams will have a Partner and Director staffed for client point-of-contacts and oversight, with several Project Managers and Project Coordinators. 

We’re excited to offer unique and personalized services. Some of which include:

Market Research

We look into your markets, customers, industry, and look for trends, risks, and opportunities to guide reccomendations.

Feasibility Study

We critically determine your proposed project to justify risks and opportunities to influence smarter decisions.

Marketing & Sales

Based on your project and intented market and customers, we determine marketing tactics that is results driven.

Equity & Responsibility

We look beyond the goals to recommend ways your project is equitable, sustainable, and purposeful for top talent.

Training Essentials

Influenced by our Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Map (EEM) trainings, we provide services to start strong.

If you’re interested to learn more about what services Bruin Entrepreneurs Strategy can provide for you and your team, please feel free to contact the Bruin Entrepreneurs Strategy Partners & Directors (P&Ds) at PD@strategy.bruinentrepreneurs.org

What Will Working with BE Strategy Look Like?

We anticipate every project to look different to meet the custom needs for each client. After being in touch with the Bruin Entrepreneurs Strategy P&Ds, you will be in touch with your engagement team, and your point-of-contacts to ensure a transparent means of communication and collaboration. Upon signing your Client Engagement Contract Letter, your engagement team’s P&Ds will invite your team’s staff to the Bruin Entrepreneurs Network (BENet) and BEConnected (BEC).

Bruin Entrepreneurs Network (BENet)

BENet allows for you to see our internal resources and our directory, giving you instant access to connect and communicate with your engagement team staff.

BEConnected (BEC)

BEConnected is a place to see your project in one place, seeing the tasks that your engagement team is working on, and a place for you to securely upload files we request to help your engagement team perform analyses that will aid in risk identification, market research, etc.

Interested in BE Strategy?

We’re excited to connect with you and hear about the work you do. If you would like to learn more about BE Strategy and see if BE Strategy can help you with your project goals, please feel free to contact the Bruin Entrepreneurs Strategy Partners & Directors (P&Ds) at PD@strategy.bruinentrepreneurs.org